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Stressed out from being 'always on'

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 26 September 2014 | Comments

I’m increasingly coming across people who are over-tired and stressed from being ‘always on’, ie permanently contactable through email Over the past five years, it’s almost the norm for employees to remain contactable through email during evenings, weekends and holidays. In certain situations, especially matters of urgency or importance, there could be a valid argument. However, long-term, to many people, surely it must be harmful It’s too easy, via...

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ice bucket challenge

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 3 September 2014 | Comments

The ice bucket challenge has been happening for a few weeks now. It’s been a great antidote to the wars, gloom and misery in the world. It’s given people fun, something to laugh about, and most of all, it’s raised money for charity. It’s wonderful when people aren’t too proud or self-conscious to send themselves up, and issuing the challenge has brought people together. Or at...

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LinkedIn isn’t just your online profile - it’s your online CV!

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 20 June 2014 | Comments

Almost everyone I know in business is on LinkedIn these days. Individual profiles vary enormously; some are good, and some frankly are awful! However, a key thing to understand is that your LinkedIn profile is also your online CV. Whether or not you’re looking for a new job, a lot of people (employers, recruiters etc) look at LinkedIn profiles with that in mind. In fact, vastly more...

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How to write CV's and LinkedIn profiles that work!

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 25 April 2014 | Comments

During the past few months, a lot of people have asked me for advice about their CV’s. In fact a lot more than usual. The job market is buoyant and people are on the move. Many individuals held tight during the recession, and now they’re ready to seek a new role, they want their CV to stand out. Frankly I’ve been shocked by the amount so-called...

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CV's and ageing rock stars

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 28 October 2013 | Comments

A couple of situations during the past week have made me think about the correlation between CV’s and ageing rock stars As a fan of 70’s rock (an old rocker some might say), I recently went to see Deep Purple in London. The age / profile of the audience was mixed, but largely male and grey-haired. What we wanted to hear were the songs we know from...

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Wallow in it

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 2 October 2013 | Comments

I read an article recently about the legendary Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric) He had chastised one of his new'ish employees, a highly ambitious and able executive, for being too focused on deadlines, action lists, and getting things done quickly. His criticism was that whilst he recognised her talent and ambition, she was alienating colleagues and co-workers as a result of her working style. His advice...

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Posted by Nigel Wilson on 14 August 2013 | Comments

I watched a video recently called “How to be upbeat in a downbeat world” - All sorts of stuff came up, including how to maintain your energy level by drinking water, which I often forget, but it always works! One quote that chimed was ‘be with tonic people - not toxic people’. It reminded me of a friend who set up his business 20 years ago,...

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The Rolling Stones

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 16 July 2013 | Comments

I've always liked the Rolling Stones. Ever since the 1960's with their hits like the Last Time. I enjoyed them even more in the 1970's, especially songs like Brown Sugar and Honky Tonk Woman. I didn't buy too many of their albums, but loved their hit singles In addition to their music, there was something about the Stones - rebellious but intelligent - which fascinated me. After...

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It’s how you make people feel that counts ...

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 25 June 2013 | Comments

I joined in a fascinating discussion recently about communication, and in particular how to get your point across in the way that you want someone to respond. That’s quite different to getting someone to simply understand. Influencing their response impacts on their behaviour, their call to action Your choice of words is important, as is the way you say them. But it’s not just what you say...

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A positive view on UK business and POS

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 25 July 2012 | Comments

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There is a confusing picture on the current UK business scene. There’s constant talk of ‘double-dip’ recession and stagnation. So here’s a challenging question: how come so many companies are performing well at the moment? A large number of publicly quoted companies are reporting strong balance sheets. They are making healthy profits, and according to the latest St James Place Market Bulletin, shareholders are enjoying record-breaking dividends...

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