ice bucket challenge

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 3 September 2014 | Comments

The ice bucket challenge has been happening for a few weeks now. It’s been a great antidote to the wars, gloom and misery in the world. It’s given people fun, something to laugh about, and most of all, it’s raised money for charity. It’s wonderful when people aren’t too proud or self-conscious to send themselves up, and issuing the challenge has brought people together. Or at least it should have. There have been some people (only a few thankfully) who’ve backed out, trying to find every possible excuse not to join in. That’s a shame. Maybe it says more about them. Perhaps they just don’t get it. I’m ambivalent about Facebook, but it’s come into its own, highlighting the videos, shrieks, laughter and fun. And charities are certainly benefitting, especially where people have nominated their own charity of choice. What a great way to end the summer. Well done to everyone who’s taken part. What other harmless fun can we have to raise more money.