Mobile on the move is so frustrating!

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 7 November 2014 | Comments

Is it just me or is it not crazy that in 2014 we still have to put up with appallingly slow mobile internet connection, ie when we're out and about. We're now used to high speed internet in our homes and offices (unless it's extremely rural), yet mobile connection speeds outside major cities and conurbations are largely very poor

Mobile internet is a way of life. Generations Y and Z have grown up with it. So why should we have to put up with such a disgraceful service. I cannot begin to count the amount of time my screen freezes as it tries to access websites. Social media on the move is also often a joke. And email is equally bad

At a time when HS3 rail is being considered, isn't it time the government and its various policy groups got real, and considered the day-to-day needs of everyday people on the move everywhere. It’s called digital infrastructure, and whilst public transport investment is essential, so is the need to invest in digital networks. And shouldn’t the mobile operators take some responsibility. It’s interesting to hear this week how they can’t or won’t co-operate to help everyone have a reasonable signal, irregardless of where they live or who their airtime provider is

I repeat - mobile internet is a way of life. It's a key part of our social, personal and business lives. The fuddyduddys can whinge as much as they like about 'people constantly being connected' but that's life today. Opt out if you choose, but the rest of us - and I'm talking about the vast majority - shouldn't have to suffer. To the people in charge - WAKE UP!