Wallow in it

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 2 October 2013 | Comments

I read an article recently about the legendary Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric)

He had chastised one of his new'ish employees, a highly ambitious and able executive, for being too focused on deadlines, action lists, and getting things done quickly. His criticism was that whilst he recognised her talent and ambition, she was alienating colleagues and co-workers as a result of her working style.

His advice to her was 'wallow in it'. In other words, make the most of the settling-in period, and spend some time really getting to know and understand her colleagues and their working practices

This is important, especially for people starting new roles. Most people are rightly very keen to make their mark - and this is fine - but it's also essential to use these early days to 'wallow' in their new role; to learn and understand the company and team cultures, acquaint themselves with the people and personalities within the business, the teams' structures and dynamics, and their own role within this.

By forming early relationships, and gaining a sound understanding of the culture, the new employee is better equipped, not only to achieve their personal goals, but also where to go for support and advice, and how to make the most of this.

So just "wallow in it" - great advice to anyone in a new role, and especially in a new organisation!