helping you make the right career move

Changing your job is a massive decision. You need to work with a recruitment partner who - above all - you can trust

I offer you the following: - 

I only work with clients whose values, culture and working styles I respect

I don’t have hundreds of jobs on offer, but the ones I do have are with exciting, dynamic businesses who value their employees’ talent and contribution

I will communicate with you during all stages of the recruitment process. This means I’ll fully brief you, I’ll give you honest feedback, and I won’t waste your time.

I will never, ever persuade anyone to accept an offer against their better judgement. In fact I always say that however frustrating it is for all parties concerned, I’d rather a candidate decline an offer at the eleventh hour rather than have regrets three months later

You can rely on my total discretion and confidentiality. This means for example your details will not be sent to any client without your approval

I’m always looking for talented individuals, who have potential, intelligence, spark, creativity, and ambition

And if you’re not ready to make a move right now? No problem. The key thing is that we stay in touch, so I can let you know when the right opportunity comes up