Setting creativity free

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 3 May 2021 | Comments

As a lifelong Chelsea fan, I can’t miss up the chance to mention their huge achievement in winning the Premier League. What has been notable this season is that despite occasional inconsistency in the team’s performance, a key factor in their success has been their highly acclaimed creativity and free-flowing football. The players are pretty much the same, but their style of play is very different. Like many teams, they possess creativity, but like many teams, their creativity has been stifled.

Why is this so? Maybe it’s because as in any walk of life, the creativity needs to be set free. And with freedom comes confidence – to make mistakes, but to press ahead, without fear, and to allow the creativity to develop winning moves and lead to success. Practice is essential, as is teamwork, and the will to win. There are times when it’s necessary to be cautious, but too much rigidity becomes over-defensive. Allowing creativity to take the lead is a courageous approach, and when it works, the confidence that follows enhances the creativity. And that’s when talent really shines!