CV Tips

A lot of unnecessary waffle is written about how to create the perfect CV

CV Tips

Some people spend hours playing with the format and content, and some 'so-called' professionals CV Writers charge a fortune

Here are some key, basic tips: -

  • contact details: just a home town, email address and mobile number are fine
  • a short personal profile, that describes your experience, using words that are bright and expressive
  • your 6 top key skills - just a simple list
  • then list your 6 notable career achievements (ideally within the past 10 years)
  • your career, dated and in order detailing your employer, job title, and responsibilities, starting with your current role and working back from there. There’s no need to list your achievements too as they’ve already been highlighted, but if you must, then no more than 2 per role
  • no need to go back more than 15 years on your career, although you can list your earlier roles by employer, name and dates only
  • add your education, qualifications and training, including any languages and software
  • list some personal interests, including any notable travel

Above all, keep it simple. No need for complex layouts, text boxes etc. Ideally stick to 2 pages, but 3 pages which are legible are better than 2 pages in a minuscule font.