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The best retail experience

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 15 July 2010 | Comments

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An article in this week’s edition of Marketing Week sparked my attention. Written by a great client of mine – Richard Ash of Green Room Retail – he talks about the positive effect of retail staff being great ambassadors for the brand. Like me, he’s a huge fan of Apple – the brand and products, the retail environment, and the staff. You can read the article...

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Posted by Nigel Wilson on 25 June 2010 | Comments

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iphone4 I spent an interesting morning yesterday at Bluewater waiting to buy the new iPhone 4 (which is superb!). The Apple experience as always was enjoyable and fun. Yes – the wait was longer than anticipated, but Apple managed the process in their inimitable, well-organised, cool style. They kept people fully informed, they provided free coffee and water, and once I was in the store, the purchase...

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How to resign without burning bridges

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 1 June 2010 | Comments


A good article here. Resigning from your job is not always easy, and it’s a process that should be taken with care. The points about ‘not burning bridges’ and ‘understanding the counter-offer’ are especially pertinent and useful.[]

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