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How to write CV's and LinkedIn profiles that work!

Posted by Seb Smith on 14 April 2020 | Comments

We are experiencing an increase in CV's being sent through as people are being Furloughed. The general feedback is that some people are uncertain of their current employers future and therefore want to look at future options. We trust the following helps to make your CV stand out. Frankly we’ve been shocked by the amount so-called expert CV Writers are charging. Anything up to £500. And...

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Richer Sounds and ethical business

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 7 February 2020 | Comments

I recently replaced our TV. I asked a few friends for advice, and ended up buying our new TV from Richer Sounds. My decision was influenced not only by price, but also their informative website highlighting their expertise, and the fact there were retail branches locally It was the first time I’d bought from Richer Sounds, and I’m delighted to say the experience was excellent. The advice...

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Why candidates fail at interview

Posted by Nigel Wilson on 7 January 2020 | Comments

There are various reasons why candidates fail at interview. I’m going to highlight two of the main reasons, and what can be done to overcome them When a client wants to interview a candidate, they are invariably hoping the candidate will perform well. They’ve had the CV, and maybe a summary from the recruiter, so on that basis, they feel the candidate has the potential to...

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